What's your favorite drink? Iced Milo. I drink them everyday..

Hot or nice? Hot.. I think..

What is your favorite male name? Chuck... haha.. no.. Nate

Who do you NOT want to meet? Ed Westwick. I may be a big fan of him.. but I don't know what I'll do if he's in front of him..

Would you die for your family? Hmm.. depends on who is that family

What are you listening to right now? I Wanna Kiss A Girl by Keith Urban

Would you lie to your best friend? Yes.. Why not?

Would you live in a different country? Definitely!

Do you like sports? No..

How do you usually dress? Track suit with a simple t-shirt..

Do you like seafood? Eww.. seafood stinks!

Do you have a boyfriend? No.. but I do hope I have one..

How are you feeling right now? Happy..

Dominos or Pizza Hut? Dominos

Have you ever sworn? Yeah.. it's a part of every day life.

Abercrombie or Urban Outfitters? Abercrombie..

Last time you were really really mad? Last night..