Song: Heartless by Kris Allen
Mood: Nostalgic...


I love presents. Those cool wrapping paper. The surprise every time you ripped off the wrapping paper. I mean present is the only thing I looked forward to on my birthday.

One of the most memorable present someone ever gave me was this Kaka' jersey pillow. Todd gave me because he knew I was gaga over Kaka'. It was the best present ever. I still have it today.

Another one was a bicycle my parents gave me when I was 7. They called me to come outside and I saw the bike. It may probably my first and last bike since I'm a bit of phobia of riding bicycle when I fell down into a huge drain with the bicycle on top of me when I was 9. Since then I have never rode a bicycle.

Todd and his family always gave me one of the great presents. One of them was a sticker of Zidane headbutting the Italian dude when the FIFA fever still on. Haha.. those weird sticker is still with me. In my box of memories. His family also gave me this FC Barcelona t-shirt which I still wear.