No Boundaries

Mood: Crazy over Gossip Girl
Song: I Wanna Kiss A Girl by Keith Urban.

When you mostly spend time alone, you're bound to be bored. So to make myself unbored, I talk to myself, err, in my head. And the voice in my head had this genius idea; posting on blog about guys that I know. The second dude that came on my mind is..believe it or not... It's Charles.



Seriously?! Why is he in my head?! WHY?!

So, anyway, this guy is basically the guy you don't want to talk to. He can insult you just by glaring at you. He 's annoying.

He's a bit gay. He once asked Blair's brother to take a shower with him. He's probably kidding, but you may never know. YOU MAY NEVER KNOW.

He thinks I know how to play DOTA because he once challenge me to play against him. FYI, I don't even know what the hell is DOTA. All I know is it may have something to do with shooting which I sucked at. Whatever.

I hate to say this but we used to be close friends. When we were kids. I used to follow him everywhere. Come to think of it, he's the first friend I had who is the same age with me. My childhood sucked.

My dad and his mom weren't the best of friends. They always insult each other every time they met. But that's beside the point.

One of my favourite moment of him was back in Raya '06. He woke me up in the middle of night and said, " Bangun, bangun, dah raya!" It is annoying when it is Raya and you have to wake up early for the prayer. I gave him my glare and said: " Are you crazy?!" Nate, who is standing beside him snickered.

Another one was Raya '07. It was middle of a night. He quietly walked outside and went play those firecrackers. It was annoying and I felt sad for him. I whispered to Serena who is beside me," Poor dude, he must be lonely without Nate and Dan." Nate and Dan didn't came that year. So Chuck is all alone on his own. Poor Chuck.

Hahaha.. No way I'll ever feel bad for him.