Lazying In Starbucks

Mood: Crazy In Love With Vic Zhou!!
Song: I Really Fucking Love You by The Pretty Reckless

Today, as in 29/5, Friday was a good day. I mean I didn't expect Teacher's Day turned out to be this fun. I'm not even a fan of teachers. This week, school overall was okay.

Anyway, later in the evening, Todd and me went to Starbucks at Giant. We were lazying around. He bought Chocolate Cream Chip and I bought Iced Chocolate. While we were drinking, he showed me his moves for The Taekwondo Championship. He asked me to pray for him to win. We discussed something to do with football. It was great.

When we walked back, we were behind a girl in school uniform and she wore black shoes. I poked Todd," She's from Sri Aman."

"Why is she wearing black shoes?" said Todd in his loud voice. " Weird."

I cringed, "Shush, are you trying to get us killed by a girl from Sri Aman?!"

Err, no offense to Sri Aman. That was just a joke.

I'm sure the girl heard us because she almost hit me with her trolley.