I Made The Goods Go Bad

Song: Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship
Mood: Jumpy

When you mostly spend time alone, you're bound to be bored. So to make myself unbored, I talk to myself, err, in my head. And the voice in my head had this genius idea; posting on blog about guys that I know. So, here is the first guy I want to write about, Todd.

I knew Todd since like forever. He's the closest guy friend I ever had. He's like the source to the boys' world.

If he hadn't introduced me to football, I wouldn't know Kaka' and Liverpool. I support Liverpool because he support Liverpool and I hate Cristiano Ronaldo. Anything that associate with C. Ronaldo is a no-no.

If he hadn't introduced me to Formula One when I was 10, I wouldn't even know who is Micheal Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, and Juan Pablo Montoya. Montoya was my favourite F1 driver before he went to be a NASCAR driver. I stopped watching F1 for a while because of that. My heart was broken, I mean seriously?! NASCAR?! Shame on you Montoya! SHAME ON YOU! You could have beat Schumacher.

If he hadn't introduced me to Digimon, my first crush wouldn't be Matt Ishida. Yes, my first crush was an anime dude. Is there any problem with that?!

If he hadn't forced me to watch Star Wars, I probably wouldn't be called Lord Vader. I mean he used to rename me after Darth Vader in his phone. I felt so insulted.

He technically introduced me to the Pirates of The Caribbean. I always thought that movie sucked. How could a pirate make a good story?! But hell was I wrong. It turned to be one of the coolest movie ever.

He's probably the only guy I talked to these days. May not the one you want to rely on but he's a huge distraction for me if I had any problem. His stupid word and action can bring a smile to my face. I can insult him every way I want, he won't even feel insulted.

He can be annoying sometimes especially when I'm in a bad mood. Once, I lashed out at him and really felt bad afterward. Like really felt bad. I was ashamed of myself.

He's a straightfoward kind of dude. Like, he always talked about that girl he likes so much. And Jenny and I would always tease him. He won't even care, okay probably he did. He gave me a glare once. But I don't care. It's fun teasing him. I mean he once spread a rumor about me having a boyfriend when he saw me talking to this guy at school. He totally deserved it.

I think he doesn't like Aria that much because you know how bitchy Aria can be.

So yeah, Todd is pretty much play an important role in my life. Even though he may have lied and fooled me hundreds of times. But that's just Todd. Tricking people is his middle name. He's the dude I can never hate. Not in a million years. He's a good friend.

p.s. If Todd is reading this, I am soo dead.