Back To Me

Mood: Empty
Song: Crawl by Superchick


When everything I was is lost,
I have forgot but you have not,
When I am lost you have not lost me.

-Crawl by Superchick -
Sigh. Double sigh.

Warning, this post may offend people.

Lately, I haven't been feeling myself. Where are you, ME??
I miss me. I hate this feeling. It always happened to me every year. It's where I don't know who I am and trying to find myself.

More than anything I want right now is to have someone who can be there for me.

How long will this take
How much can I go through
My heart, my soul aches
I don`t know what to do
I bend but don`t break
And somehow I`ll get through

I'm not happy nor am I sad. It feels empty. Everything is soo hollow.

Right now, I'm longing for someone who can save me from this.

I want to go back to my roots. I mean go back to my kampung. I miss conversations with my cousins without using a single English word. Just use aku, kau,dia orang, bengap, bangang, sengal and words like that. Not trying to be racist but sometimes, you just want to be with someone who has the same bloodline with you. Or a malay.

I think I may have have lost a few malay friends since we aren't in the same class. We don't even learn the same subjects anymore. Ialso miss my tuitionmate a lot. I should have known that this is the sacrifice you have to do when you're in Science class.