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Lazying In Starbucks

Mood: Crazy In Love With Vic Zhou!!
Song: I Really Fucking Love You by The Pretty Reckless

Today, as in 29/5, Friday was a good day. I mean I didn't expect Teacher's Day turned out to be this fun. I'm not even a fan of teachers. This week, school overall was okay.

Anyway, later in the evening, Todd and me went to Starbucks at Giant. We were lazying around. He bought Chocolate Cream Chip and I bought Iced Chocolate. While we were drinking, he showed me his moves for The Taekwondo Championship. He asked me to pray for him to win. We discussed something to do with football. It was great.

When we walked back, we were behind a girl in school uniform and she wore black shoes. I poked Todd," She's from Sri Aman."

"Why is she wearing black shoes?" said Todd in his loud voice. " Weird."

I cringed, "Shush, are you trying to get us killed by a girl from Sri Aman?!"

Err, no offense to Sri Aman. That was j…


What's your favorite drink? Iced Milo. I drink them everyday..

Hot or nice? Hot.. I think..

What is your favorite male name? Chuck... haha.. no.. Nate

Who do you NOT want to meet? Ed Westwick. I may be a big fan of him.. but I don't know what I'll do if he's in front of him..

Would you die for your family? Hmm.. depends on who is that family

What are you listening to right now? I Wanna Kiss A Girl by Keith Urban

Would you lie to your best friend? Yes.. Why not?

Would you live in a different country? Definitely!

Do you like sports? No..

How do you usually dress? Track suit with a simple t-shirt..

Do you like seafood? Eww.. seafood stinks!

Do you have a boyfriend? No.. but I do hope I have one..

How are you feeling right now? Happy..

Dominos or Pizza Hut? Dominos

Have you ever sworn? Yeah.. it's a part of every day life.

Abercrombie or Urban Outfitters? Abercrombie..

Last time you were really really mad? Last night..

Goodbye Gossip Girl

Mood: Wanting To Say ILY too..
Song: Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World.



I'm in my own love world... for Chuck Bass of course.HE SAID I LOVE YOU!Do you know how hard for him to say that?? I have waited for 25 episode to hear him say that! Along the way I have given up on him and hate him for a few weeks. But that of course have changed. Me sooo shipping Chair (Chuck/Blair). ....... And Dair (Dan/Blair). But no Nair (Nate/Blair). I mean Nair was cute and perfect but they don't have that fireworks Chair have. OMG indeed.


Summer break is starting. So no more Gossip Girl, Supernatural, House, and CSI. Until Fall.

No Boundaries

Mood: Crazy over Gossip Girl
Song: I Wanna Kiss A Girl by Keith Urban.

When you mostly spend time alone, you're bound to be bored. So to make myself unbored, I talk to myself, err, in my head. And the voice in my head had this genius idea; posting on blog about guys that I know. The second dude that came on my mind is..believe it or not... It's Charles.



Seriously?! Why is he in my head?! WHY?!

So, anyway, this guy is basically the guy you don't want to talk to. He can insult you just by glaring at you. He 's annoying.

He's a bit gay. He once asked Blair's brother to take a shower with him. He's probably kidding, but you may never know. YOU MAY NEVER KNOW.

He thinks I know how to play DOTA because he once challenge me to play against him. FYI, I don't even know what the hell is DOTA. All I know is it may have something to do with shooting which I sucked at. Whatever.

I hate to say this but we u…


Song: Heartless by Kris Allen
Mood: Nostalgic...


I love presents. Those cool wrapping paper. The surprise every time you ripped off the wrapping paper. I mean present is the only thing I looked forward to on my birthday.

One of the most memorable present someone ever gave me was this Kaka' jersey pillow. Todd gave me because he knew I was gaga over Kaka'. It was the best present ever. I still have it today.

Another one was a bicycle my parents gave me when I was 7. They called me to come outside and I saw the bike. It may probably my first and last bike since I'm a bit of phobia of riding bicycle when I fell down into a huge drain with the bicycle on top of me when I was 9. Since then I have never rode a bicycle.

Todd and his family always gave me one of the great presents. One of them was a sticker of Zidane headbutting the Italian dude when the FIFA fever still on. Haha.. those weird sticker is still with me. In my box of memor…

I Made The Goods Go Bad

Song: Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship
Mood: Jumpy

When you mostly spend time alone, you're bound to be bored. So to make myself unbored, I talk to myself, err, in my head. And the voice in my head had this genius idea; posting on blog about guys that I know.So, here is the first guy I want to write about, Todd.

I knew Todd since like forever. He's the closest guy friend I ever had. He's like the source to the boys' world.

If he hadn't introduced me to football, I wouldn't know Kaka' and Liverpool. I support Liverpool because he support Liverpool and I hate Cristiano Ronaldo. Anything that associate with C. Ronaldo is a no-no.

If he hadn't introduced me to Formula One when I was 10, I wouldn't even know who is Micheal Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, and Juan Pablo Montoya. Montoya was my favourite F1 driver before he went to be a NASCAR driver. I stopped watching F1 for a while because of that. My heart was brok…

Back To Me

Mood: Empty
Song: Crawl by Superchick


When everything I was is lost,
I have forgot but you have not,
When I am lost you have not lost me.

-Crawl by Superchick -
Sigh. Double sigh.

Warning, this post may offend people.

Lately, I haven't been feeling myself. Where are you, ME??
I miss me. I hate this feeling. It always happened to me every year. It's where I don't know who I am and trying to find myself.

More than anything I want right now is to have someone who can be there for me.

How long will this take
How much can I go through
My heart, my soul aches
I don`t know what to do
I bend but don`t break
And somehow I`ll get through

I'm not happy nor am I sad. It feels empty. Everything is soo hollow.

Right now, I'm longing for someone who can save me from this.

I want to go back to my roots. I mean go back to my kampung. I miss conversations wit…

Facts Part 1

Song: Take Me On The Floor by The Veronicas
Mood: Wanting To Cut My Hair

Fact No 1
When someone is too close to me, I usually will push them away. It's my instinct to push people away by acting like I'm spacing out and giving them one of my death glare. I don't really know why I like to push people away. It's been like that since forever. I don't even do hug. Me not into touchy thingy-er.

Fact No 2

I have a personality disorder. I don't know why people never believe me when I said that. It's true, I think I do.

Fact No 3

I'm a lazy bum. I do all the homework at school so I can sleep my ass off at home. I also believe that last minute revision works.

Damn Girl

Damn, girl
Dry your eyes
You stole my heart
And then you kicked it aside
No, girl
You can't see
When he's inside you
Know there's no room for me
- All-American Rejects -

I don't know why.. but this song is like well, made for me. In some kind of weird way like deja vu.
It's like somebody is singing this song to me. Not that I know any guy that would sing for me. Haha..