They said eyes are windows into their soul. That was before people had cell phones. ...

I always love snooping around people's phone. Especially a guy's phone. They're such a weird creature, don't you think?

Most of them don't really care about it. Except Todd.

He's the most paranoid dude I've ever met. He deletes every message that may contain soomething about him and her. Even just a little.

But what the most annoying thing is he named me after a guy in Slam Dunk. Not that I am complaining. The guy is vair fit-looking.

He worries that his 'girlfriend' might find out my name on the contacts and thought I'm his girlfriend. Oo-eer... That's something I could never imagine..

In your dreams, Toddy. But I'm okay with it except the fact that Aria didn't get named after a dude. Not FAIR!!