'Hot' and 'Aww..' Scene

I soo love the latest episode of Gossip Girl that I need to write about it. One of my favourite scene is the picture above.

So.. it started with Chuck woke up and Vanessa zipping up her dress. Then Chuck said in his Chuck Bassy voice, "You're going to leave without saying goodbye? I knew you were more like me than you'd knew."

Vanessa answered back,"Chuck, it's morning now.." Then she crapped about something. Then I heard she said, "let's pretend this never happened."

Chuck looked a bit shocked but recovered quickly and said in his Chuck Bass tone,"We'll just pretend this never happened."

Then he leaned in and kissed her. A bit more snogging. And more.

After all the hot snogging, Vanessa said, " So we're clear? This between us? It means nothing."

Chuck looked a bit blank but then again he always looked like that. He said, "What means nothing?"

Vanessa smiled. He smiled back. Or is that his smirk?

Then she leaned in and kissed a bit more. They fell back to the bed. Oo-er...

Gossip Girl butted in, "Lucky for us, that never happened."

This scene is a huge different than the above. It was such an 'Aww..' scene. I love how Dorota helped Nate and Blair get together. I knew she was a Nair supporter.

I'm still a big Chair (Chuck/Blair) shipper. But these two scenes above just rocks. I think Blair really need a guy like Nate. Comforting and warm guy like Nate. And Chuck/Vanessa? They're hot together.