Mood: Angry and Confused??
Song: Cry by Kelly Clarkson


I hate mid year. This is where all the drama starts. Everyone think they all know each other until they can make rumors about other people and insulting each other. I'll always try not to mix my school life with my personal life. However, it's getting harder these days. I felt like killing and shouting at everyone. It's soo tired being me sometimes. Everyday have to wake up and assures myself that today will be ok. But in the end everything let me down. Even myself.

And there's this huge lump in my throat which threatening to come out. I wonder if this is how all those eating disorder people felt. God, I hate seeing those people at school. They always make me feel like this. Always trying to make up more drama than it already is. The only thing I can do is forcing myself to laugh off and smile. When I thought elementary school was hard. I felt 2008 is coming all over again.


Ho hum, pig's bum.. With all the bad things happening.. there is one perfect day that happened. Aria came and so is Todd. We were catching up with each other. Todd was in one of our school sport house team for marching. Aria was in her sports house team cheerleader. Me? Just sitting beside a garbage can feeling like a trash myself. Stupid Sport's Day. Soo not coming for the next year.

Then, we got bored. So we (Todd and I) showed our (teehee) Taekwondo kicks while Aria showed her Ninjutsu stuff. After that, I came with a great suggestion. Going to 7-11 by walking. Genius indeed.

So.. we got permission from our parents and start walking. Todd and Aria picked up some stones as our weapon in case some dogs chased us. It was fun, no dogs. On the way back home, suddenly we can see almost every house looked like they have dogs. Then this dog started to barked at us. Todd quickly run leaving Aria and me behind. That made the dog go crazy. We were like," Todd, you idiot! Come back here!" Then, I felt like belonged to someone and just started to really laughed. The real laughter. We then sang the new 3Oh!3 song, 'Don't Trust Me' (which to us was soo last two months ago) along the way to home. We were like, " Don't trust a whore, never trust a whore, don't trust me.." Okay, so probably that wasn't the best song to sing in the public.