Randomiosity of my mind..

On my mind

I've come to realize that my last kiss was:

I am listening to:
whyyawannabringmedown by Kelly Clarkson

I talk:

I love:
Ed Westwick and Jensen Ackles!!

My best friends:
are me, myself and I

My first real kiss:
tsk tsk..

I hate it when people ask:
about my quiet appearence..

Love is:

Marriage is:
full of dull and crap.

Somewhere, someone is thinking:
about me...*sigh* dreamy eyes*

I'll always:
be da Pak Lah...You know that's true people..

I have a crush on:
Mischa Collins!! The hottest angel in the world.

The last time I cried was because:
of Dean Winchester (J.Ackles)

My cell phone:
LG Cookie

When I wake up in the morning:
I listen to my Zen.

Before I go to bed:
I listen to Zen. Zen is life..

Right now I am thinking about:
My Zen.

Babies are:
parasites. Annoying brats.

I get on Myspace:
to share some latest gossip with Serena.

Today I:
watched Accidental Husband.

Tonight I:
will watch House.

Tomorrow it will be:
a dull day

I really want to...
be out of the country. Singapore...*sniff sniffy sniff*