I Have Found MY Luurrvee..

Mood: In Luurrvve..
Song: Why Can't I? by Liz Phair


The hols overall sucked pretty bad. Aria and her family visit us for about 3 days. But that's about it. I might as well go to the School of Doom.

Those two babies are driving me insane!! This is the reason why I hate babies. They are noisy!

But.. ho hum pig's bum. I'm too in luurrve with my new luuurrver that I managed to get through the day without killing those two kids.

And who is the vair vair lucky man??

No,he's not da Jensen Ackles. ( I still love you!)

Neither he is Ed Westwick. (He's still hot, though. I just can't get enough of his looks)

Nor he is Chace Crawford.(You're my only man-bangs. He's soo much better than Zac Efron.)

AND NO! He is not Zac Efron and nor he is that Robert Pattinson dude. Me not into those kind of guys.

Anyway... he is something totally different.

He is asian. (*gasp*) Yes, the only asian I may find hot. Hotness is approved by me!

He is... Vic Zhou! He is soo dreamy and just different than the other hot guys above. Quiet, calm, and just plain cute.