Earthy Hour And European Bloke

Mood: Whiny
Song: Jake Summers by Fight Like Apes
Ah.. Earth Hour.. fun... Vair, vair fun.. NOT.
You can't see nothing and my dad doesn't even support Earth Hour. I'm not sure if he even knows there is this kind of event. So basically, we only switched off the lights upstairs only. To make things more worse, I tripped over a wastebasket in the mid of Earth Hour. Who the hell put the wastebasket in the middle of the room?! Well, that's probably the last time I'm supporting this shit.

But the pic above shines everything up. Hawtness times 10!! Ed Westwick is soo dreamy... But that doesn't explain this pic below..

Err.. I'm not saying this is gay. But I can read y'all mind. It screams GAY! The almost leg touching, looking each other straight in the eye... And the sockless dude is sockless. It's disturbing...

Probably this is some sort of what European guys does... You'd know like David Beckham butt's got squeezed by his AC Milan team mates. 'Cuz his butt is lucky. Hahaha.. The Golden Butt.

Erlack! This is distubing. Now I have a picture in my mind of Beckham 's butt getting a squeezed from Kaka'. ERLACK!! ARgh!!!