Updates In Real Life

Recently, some of our students left the school with hope of getting a better opportunities in their life. I wonder if I should too??

I mean, all my cousins (the 3 dudes) around my age definitely have school that promise them a successful life. One of them is in Integerasi school (whatever that means..), the other two is in asrama and bestari school.

What does my school represents??

Anyway.. school is the last thing on my mind right now.

I've been on this video for more a few months now. Sony Vegas is getting on my nerves with it's closing the program suddenly. Stupid program. And it's in Spanish for god sake!!

Q's And A's

1. What is your song of the moment?
Boysboysboys by Lady Gaga and Boys With Girlfriends by Meiko

2. Who was the first person that came up on your mind today?
Err.. I was dreaming about Chuck Bass aka Ed Westwick.. so he was the first one on my mind.

3. One of the unforgettable moments last year?
The holiday in Singapore... I miss Singapore..

4. What movie are you planning to watch?
Burn After Reading.. and erm..Twilight? I heard the movie sucks and I'm not the most romantic person at heart.

5. Who do you loathe right now?
Lots of people..and they probably don't even know it.

Q's and A's will be continued..