Unforgetable Dramarama

Date: Last Raya Puasa (08)
Place Occured: Fancy Hotel and Kampung.

I was reading Ms. Angel's (Serena VdN) malay novel, 'She's Mine'. And yes, I was supposed to read revision book because PMR was like 2 weeks away but who cares? PMR doesn't matter to me when I'm in kampung, raya-ing.

Then I heard someone called my name -name as in G-guy ( Charles) nickname for me -. I was furious by the name and was about to shout, "You want a piece of me?!"

When I looked up, it wasn't Charles. It was UG ( Nathanial).

He was grinning stupidly. I barked at him, "What?!"

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Do what?" I eyed him suspiciously.

Then he started to ask in praising me way like : "Rajin kan??"

I glared at him,'Should I be flattered and say thank you?'. I was about to say that remark when he went inside a room and came back with a piece of paper.

"What's that?"

He flashed me a million dollar smile, "Check it out." And put it on the floor.
I was lazy. It was the second day of raya. I'm too full to move but I dragged myself out of the sofa and took the paper.

There it wrote: Kertas Percubaan PMR 2008, Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu. You have got to be kidding me. "Answer it" Then he dissapeared back into the room.

I looked inside the paper. Who does he thinks he is?! And it's Kemahiran Teknikal. I'm Perdagangan but that's beside the point.

Then he appeared out of nowhere with a file in his hand.
"What's This?"
He gave it to me, "Pick one" and walked back to the room.

I looked inside the file. More test paper. And it's from all over country.Where did he get all this?!

My motive going back to kampung was to get away from everything, PMR, School, teachers, friends and stuff like that. And doing these isn't my idea of spending time at kg.

I looked at the side of the file. There he wrote his trial marks.

He got 90 in English, 97 in agama, and the lowest was 72 in subject I can't remember.
'Smart asshole,' Nelly and Serena agreed.
I took one of his his paper and threw it at Little J, "Do this." and tossed at Nelly, "Please do this."

Problem solved.

I took English paper 1 from Johor and answeres it.


Later, Charles and Nathanial sat behind me. Charles then took the Maths paper and snorted, " I could get 100 in this paper, Maths is too easy for me." Nathanial also agreed.

I gulped some air, they probably going to laughed at me if they find out I got C in my Maths. Horrible!

Anyway, I turned back and saw Charles wearing wearing shirt that too small for him, " OMG! What are you wearing?!"

He then got up from the sofa walked back into his room. Few minutes later, he came out with a different shirt. The kind of shirt you wear on the first day of work.

He strutted in front of us girls like a supermodel on the runway. He turned to Nelly (Ms. MLS) and grinned, " Do I look good? "

"Like hell you are."

I snickered. Nelly and Charles sure have been on each other throat since I arrived here. But no one could blame her especially if it has to do with this guy.

For example: Serena (Charles's sister) said to us that her classmates have been sending raya card to Charles because they think he's hot. Gag.

He then send back the cards to the girls and wrote, 'Terima kasih kerana meminati abang.'

What a self-absorbed pig he is!


It's sort of tradition for us family (about 55 people) to have this huge lunch at a fancy hotel. The best thing was it's all on Blair's dad. This year, we get to have our own room to eat with our family only.

And we the girls arrived an hour early for fun.

The food was okay.


As usual we played the politic card which I proudly invented last year.

Serena (Ms. Angel) - Anuar Ibrahim/ Hamba
Blair (Ms. Brat) - Bomb!Bomb!Bomb!Bush!
Nelly (Ms. MLS) - Sammy V.
Jenny (GW) - Osama but recently changed to Obama because OBL is soo last year.
ME - PM/Pak Lah

This politic game is made for fun. Some of the name have changed to avoid copyright infringement.

And we were fooling around like:
"Sammy, don't eat too much or you're going to get diabetes"
"I'll put bomb in your mouth if you don't shut up" - Bush
"Tidak,tidak, saya tak bersalah" -Anuar

But it isn't all fun and laughter.

I think we were teasing Sammy (Nelly) too much (which I have no part in it) about her weird behaviour like:-
  1. Her infamous moments: "Pak Cik, Pak Cik, Atokla!" - IT was raya'07 (or is it'06?) when we were visiting our grandmother's brother. He had a farm at the back of his house. And Nelly was soo amazed by it that she kept called this old dude 'Pak cik' when it was atok.
  2. She was amazed by the service at the hotel and Blair being bitchy as always, "Haven't you been to a hotel before?"
Her face looked so offended and when Little J ( The Mini Blair) snapped at her, "Wanna cry?"
She burst in tears.

Good move, Little J.

And that really surprised us.
As expected, Serena the motherly comfort her, "don't cry"

Suddenly, she got out of the chair and bolted out of the room. That left us speechless.

After regained from the shock, I quickly put on my 'I-told-you-so' tone and said, "See what you have done?"

Then, we started blaming each other.

But it all died down when they all went to grab some more food not wanting to know done it. They all left me all alone in the room, poked the food several times.

Few minutes later, Nelly came back with a big teary eyes.

I'm not well-known for comfort. I don't do comfort. So I just ignored her. Back to the food poking.
However, the guilt really ate me up, so all I could do was offered her a tissue.

I was ready for 'I-hate-you-and-I'm-going-to-ignore-you' attitude but she took the tissue and wipe her eyes.

I wondered if she knew that her stupid, silly, naive acts are the main reason we love her.

So what if we were laughing at you? It's just the way we showed our love to you.

I apologized to her with one word, "Sorry"
She nodded.

The other girls came back with 'we regret what we have done and we're sorry' speech.

The next thing I knew, she was all smiling and asked us, "Did you guys taste the chocolate fondue?"

I let out a sigh of relief.

So much for the drama.