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Miracle, Life Couldn't Get Better

Status: Life sucks so much right now.
Song: Lies by Big Bang.

I'm so sorry, but I love you.


Maybe I'll see you, so I wear the clothes you bought me
Cut my hair short the way you liked it
To walk the road I walked with you
I walk around the long way, thinking maybe you'll be there
I kept my old phone number
Maybe you'll try to find me again, my house still the same
In my mini-hompy, the songs we used to listen together
Maybe you'll see me, maybe you'll come back
-Time To Love by T-Ara & Supernova-

You know the feeling of hopelessness, angry,sad and depressed. It is one of the worst feelings you could feel.

I'm not sure why but when I thought life couldn't get any worse, I turned to fanfiction and stories.

I don't know why but maybe it's because they give you something to believe in even if it only for few minutes. Some story could make you go 'aww..', some could make you…

Of 2009

Status: Last day of 2009. Seriously?
Song: Time To Love by T-ara & Supernova.

It's about time I do this.

Best boy band of 2009: Super Junior~. Hwaiting.

Best Girl Group of 2009: SNSD.

Because SNSD is one of the main 4 artists that got me into K-Pop fandom. They were so effin' amazing in Gee and Genie that so proved the antis that So Nyuh Shi Dae is not SoShit. Even Todd have Yuri as wallpaper on his phone. They're pretty hot.

Least Favourite Boy Band of 2009: DBSK

Okay, before you Cassiopeias kill me, let me say something, I don't hate DBSK. Come on, they have some really good songs. It's just that Cassies scares me. The Chinese Cassiopeia is suing SM even though it's the members that do not want to perform the concert. And they even warn SM on a Korean newspaper.

The Japanese Cassiopeia donated about 54000 USD to put up an advertisement on a Korean newspaper. So far, they have donated about 20000 USD. Now, that's…

It's 1 o'clock in the morning.

What would you do if you're high on chocolate and it's 1 in the morning?

This what we would do.

Apparently, they hadn't said anything about not posting on the blog. Ha.

WHAT?! Sorry, Sorry and Super Girl? Two videos?!
Because I can.

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella, La Roux

Status: Wish to see you again, Cyberlodge.
Song: Hard But Easy by Luna & Krystal

I'm sure ya'll know La Roux. You'd know, the weird girl with a weird hair and weird annoying songs. Yeah, the La Roux.

I'm not sure why, but La Roux seems to be our inside joke.

It all started when we overheard Todd and his little friend conversation about La Roux.

"Weyy, die nie laki ke pompuan?"

"Ntah, pondan kot."

It was the most genius conclusion ever.

Anyway, back to the story, on the last night at Cyberlodge, Todd and his little friend moved into our room.

So, chaos sure to be ensued. One of them is locking Todd inside the bathroom with no lights on.

We were making ghost noises when suddenly La Roux's song is on tv.

Todd suddenly screamed in horror,"Omigod!! It's La Roux!! "

"There's La Roux in the bath tub!"

We also blamed everything on La Roux since that incident.

"I think La Roux stole my glasses.&…

1:59 PM

It's time for a change.

Well, for ahwhile.

Unless the crisis is officially over, this is how my blog will looked like. I don't care what you are going to say about it. This is how the blog will looked like from now.

No more salt and pepper header.

I still don't know how to use Photoshop. So, I used my Sony Vegas Pro 9 to do the header.

Currently listening to Stand By U by DBSK. I stand by Super Junior.

Jingle Bell Rock

Status: Best Music Bank Ever.
Song: Gee by SNSD. EhMaGawd, they rule the K-Chart on Music Bank.

I've been updating Super Junior's issue more than updating on my current state of life. Not that my life is so boring and dull. Just that, Super Junior is on the verge of losing HANGKYUNG, for fish sake.

And, only God knows how it kills me and other ELFs to see them performing in that kind of state. I couldn't bring myself to watch Sorry, Sorry performance on WBS Welfare Sharing Concert yesterday.

'Let's Not' was even worse. Yesung and Kyuhyun looked so unhappy. I'm definitely sure that Yesung is trying his hard not to cry because I could see him cringed every time his voice cracked. It was heartbreaking.

However, today's performance is definitely better. Though, I could feel the loneliness when there were a part where Kangin, Hankyung and Kyuhyun supposed to sing but there were only Kyuhyun. So sad.

There were so many SMtown…

Awesome Christmas, Santa.

Status: A day before Christmas, and you're giving this pile load of shit.
Song: Gee by SNSD. The Christmas Version.
ELF will not be happy about this. Seriously. SM better clean up this mess.

Holy Crap, there's a rumor speculating that not only Hangeng is suing SM but, Angel Teuk, Dancing Machine Eunhyuk, Daddy Kangin, YESUNG, and FISHY HAE are also suing SM.

Teukie?! I thought he loves SM so much.

Not suprised Yesung is on the list, he's like the unappreciated member in Super Junior.

Eunhyuk must been influenced by his BFF, Xiah Junsu.

Well, from what I've heard. All these member seem to have a good solid future.

Hankyung is huge in China. So, if he leaves, there won't be any problem.

Teuk, Eunhyuk, and Kangin can still MCing and DJing.

Donghae is technically one of the most popular member in Super Junior. Maybe he could go solo or modelling??

Well, Yesung? Someone said he would like to break into Christian Music. Haha. Frickin'…

Results, Results.

Status: IZ hoping Super Junior can still perform. Miss them SFM.
Song: Kissing You by SNSD. Dodododo, kissing you baby. Donghae~~

I just realized that PMR results is out tomorrow. I think.

Haha, that reminds me the time I was waiting for the PMR results. I was already preparing a playlist in case I didn't get straight A's.

One of the songs in the playlist is:
Move Along by All American RejectsScream by Zac Efron (HSM). Seriously.
Bet On It by Zac Efron. Haha. Yes. I just love HSM songs.Stand Still Look Pretty by The Wreckers.Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne.But, if I were to get my PMR result tomorrow, most of the songs in the playlist are going to be in Korean.

Anyway, I still remember the days before PMR results are out. I was hoping that the day would never come. When it did, I didn't want to take the results. Because seriously, I really screwed up my History, Agama and BM paper. I didn't memorize the Surah or Hadis. I didn'…

It's hurts. Really.

I'm not sure if I can handle listening to Super Junior's songs anymore. Not after all this drama.

Am trying to divert my attention by watching Korean drama, Taming Of The Heir. It's a great drama to watch.

Am trying to find other weird and lovable band like Super Junior. MBLAQ!

Why Hankyung? Why not Kibum? I'm not suprised if Kibum wants to terminate his contract. He's been MIA for so long.

Ughhhhh.... my ELF heart can't take this anymore..

Stay strong Teukie, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Heechul, Shindong, Kangin, Kibum, Siwon, Ryeowook, Zhou Mi, and Henry.

Ahh.. I promised I will love Zhou Mi with all my heart if Super Junior isn't breaking up or Hankyung leaving Super Junior.

Does this mean no Super Junior on Christmas?
No SUPER JUNIOR on New Year's Eve??

This just IN. The reason why Hankyung is terminating the contract has been revealed.

Hankyung, Super Junior's only Chinese member in the 13 member group, has filed a lawsuit against the…

Turn Back The Time

Uh-oh. This is BAD. Kyuhyun posted something on his already dead Cyworld (Something like a blog). Quote: Even a beast don't bite the hand that feeds one... I can not understand...

This isn't like Kyuhyun style of writing. He seemed pissed.

Yes, the entry is hidden right now. Shit. This could not happen. Not to my SUPER JUNIOR. They're the first singers that ever made into my Top 10 hot guys. They can't be breaking up right??

Third post of the day. Ugh. Will update soon.

EDIT: Ugh. Now, some of the E.L.F. are bashing my Kyu. Great. And you thought, those fans will keep supporting them rather than bashing them. Gah!! This dramarama is killing me!

Uniquely Singapore vs. Malaysia Truly Asia?!

Status: No Super Junior??
Song: A song Calling For You by SS501.

Singapore was okay. Some part of it anyway. But, Singapore still remind me of the FT Island's SeungHyun got his hair pulled by a fangirl from Singapore. That Bitch.

To tell you the truth, I feel really poor in Singapore. And me do not like the feeling. So, tomorrow. Prepare for tons of shopping.

2009, GTFO.

Status: When will 2009 ends???
Song: Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-Ara. Is addicting.

Just as I was dancing happily to Bo Peep when I sawSHINee dancing to the song, I came across THIS. Seriously?! 2010 is like 10 days away. I knew 2009 is going to end in a BANG. But so did not expecting this. Let's list all the stuff that happened in 2009.

2PM's Jaebum leaving the band. Saddest. Thing. Ever. Listen to my heartbeat~~Super Junior's Kangin banned from performing and going out in public by SM because of his DUI case. WHUT?!
Micheal Jackson RIP.TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki's Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu going against SM which still leaves us wondering, Is DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki ever going to be together again?What does Kim Hyun Joong, Jo Kwon, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Amber, Sulli, Krystal, Joon, Thunder, WheeSung and Lee Seunggi have in common? H1N1, swine flu, of COURSE!
Big Bang's G-Dragon solo concert controversy that is still on going. Some says t…

I Love You, Fish.

Status: SNSD biased much?! Where's SuJu???
Song: JoJo by SHINee. Because they're so mature.
Yay. Donghae got a new haircut. The old hairstyle we all love, love, and love SFM. No more antiHae. I was totally hating the antiHae phase when he was so cute and innocent all the time.

Am going to Singapore this Friday.

Am going bowling at Alamanda next Tuesday.

Am going to Cyberjaya by the end of the year.

Why do Aria and Jenny always stare at me when Zhou Mi is on tv?

I was silently singing along when I realized they just stared at me. "What?"

"Nothing. Just that we just have a need to stare at you when Zhou Mi is on tv."

I don't hate Zhou Mi. I just don't like those weird people who always make some weird rumors about my Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi (Qmi.). Just because Zhou Mi is Kyuhyun's translator (which happened to include whispering into each other ears) doesn't mean they're sweet talking to each other.


Just Haven't Met You Yet

Status: Donghae is so lovable even though his hair is so so fugly.
Song: JoJo by SHINee. Why so mature, SHINee??

I just realized something significant today. I haven't written anything about me lately. It's all about K Pop lately. I mean, come awn.

Who wouldn't say yes to this?

So, anyway, most people know by now that I always somehow got rumors circulating about my non-existent love life.

I'm not sure how, but few months ago, I accidentally added one of Aria's cousin. He was on the people you may know list. Apparently, his name is the same as SP or Dan's name.

I have this really hyperactive, over dramatic friend who always told me that the guy who sat behind me has a crush on me. Cute. Without the 'e'.

So, to make it go away, and trying my hard to save my friendship with the guy behind me, I lied to the over dramatic guy that I like someone else.

The first name that popped up in my head was Dan's name. I know. I c…

They Won!

Status: I'm still in love with you after all.
Song: JoJo by SHINee. I love them.

Gahh.. There is so many things happened in two days.

First, Super Junior won Disk Bon Sang, Samsung YEPP popularity award and Daesang (Which is like the main award of the night).

SNSD won Digital Daesang.

SHINee wonPopularity Award.

2PM wonBest Album.

Wow, this is like SMent. biased. So effing happy. They really deserved it. I was really touched when Heechul was hugging Taeyeon. Then, I saw Eunhyuk hugged Donghae. Aww.. EunHae.

I think I saw Sungmin danced with Sunny. Hehe.

But, Donghae and gasp. Kyuhyun hair is so fugly. I can't bear to watch the performance. Kyuhyun is bang-less. DO NOT WANT.
Donghae baby, please get a haircut. Only Heechul can pull off the long hair.

I was totally going anti on Kyuhyun and Donghae until I saw this.

They were so hawt. Donghae with the dance and Kyuhyun with his oh-so-cool voice.

Then, I just watched JoJo at Music Bank. Omigod, T…

Super Generation!

Status: Maknae love!!!! I wanna go to S.E.O.U.L.
Song: Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior and Gee by SNSD.

If I died right now, I would have died happy.

Leeteuk and Taeyeon?! Love. Just look at where's Teukie's hand is. Haha. I wanna be Taeyeon!!

Kyuhyun and Seohyun? LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
They were so effingly cute. I can't stop squeeing and flailing around. Woah.

Haha, Shindong in a uniform?! Lolz forever.

Donghae and Sooyoung? I was hoping Jessica and Donghae but whatever. Sooyoung is sort of hot.

Sungmin and Jessica? Haha. Why are they only leaning on each other? but still cute.

Haha. Eunhyuk and Yesung appears like 2 seconds only. Iz sad.

Now, I have a story in my head about Leeteuk, Taeyeon and Siwon love triangle.

Leeteuk is madly in love with Taeyeon who also is in love with Siwon. I can imagine Taeyeon asking for Leeteuk's help to get her with Siwon.


Now, come to think of it. Where's Heechul, Hangeng, Yoona, Tiffany and the…

bb, get a haircut, plz.

Status: Not important.
Song: Love Rain by Kim Tae Woo. As much as I wanna loathe this dude, his song is so addictive.

Have you seen Donghae's new hairstyle? It's so so vair vair awful beyond repair. I can not love that hair.

And believe me, it's like he's turning into one of those Japanese celebrities who have such a long hair. Even longer than Jerry Yan's hair. Me no likey that guy. There's something about his smile.

If I ever meet him, the first thing I would do is took out my scissor and cut that hair.

I know Jenny's favourite guy, Sungmin is also experiencing the same thing. But compared to Hae's hair, Min's is so so so much worse. It's like he's wearing a wig.

Out of all the Super Junior, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun have the best hair.

Eunhyuk is so sexy with his latest hair colour.

Teukie's hair is cute again. Yay.

Kyuhyun, I love all his hair! His Don't Don hair, his Sorry Sorry hair, an…

SHINee Iz Awesome Yo.

Status: I iz liking this style of writing. LOLZ.
Song: Replay and Ring Ding Dong by SHINee.

SHINee deserve some love from me. They're soo adorable. I feel like squeezing them. Gah. Each of them is absolutely effing-ly cute.
From left; Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key.

Minho with his enchanting eyes, and The Hair. He's 19, I thought he looked older. Maybe it's because he's insanely tall.I know Nelly likes him. She won't let me have that awesome poster. Iz sad.

Onew, the leader who doesn't looked like a leader ( Teukie too.) is soo cute. I just want to pinch his cheeks. DUBU loves!!!

Key is such a diva. I think he spends his free times with practicing other bands' dance moves. Seriously. He even have a man-purse. Me likey this guy. Hot-potential.

Taemin is what you called The Maknae (Youngest.). His cheekbones is so so high. And I am starting to like his hairstyle. Haha. So unique.

Jonghyun, the man with voice. Or Dong…


Status: I need to keep this blog alive and awesome.
Song: That Girl's A Genius by Jet. I know! I am.

I just solved the Rubix cube. After all those years.

Thanks to Todd, I can't stop playing it. There is a moment where I could ditch this laptop for the rubix cube.

Not For The Faint-Hearted

Click here.

Oh man, this will scarred me for life. I will never be obsessed like her. This is one hell of creepy stuff. Korean fangirls are definitely the creepiest. Poor 2PM's Taecyeon. I'm sure he'll be having nightmares for weeks. Because I know I will. Well, maybe not. This stuff is sort of funny.

Hahaha.. Chansung does not approve. Err.. Taecyeon looks interested.

Even Heechul runs away from this. This is sickiosity.

Raya Moments.

Status: Yo, why guys keep adding me on Myspace? Haven't log in for a really long time.
Song: Haru Haru by Big Bang.

As for me, today is the last day of Raya. Nothing exciting is going to happen to me in a very long time.

Aria just left.Blair is still in Kedah.Nelly is still at her home bullying her cat.Serena is probably still thinking of Dean.

So, I'm listing all the fun and memorable stuff that happened for the last 7 days.

1. Having a singing session with Aria and Jenny, yesterday. We even have the lyrics with us. We sang Sorry,Sorry, Haru Haru, Gee, Tell Me Your Wish, Heart-breaker, It's You, Abracadabra, Gara Gara Go, My Heaven, Monster, Marry U, Replay and Nobody.

We even dance to our favourite songs, Sorry, Sorry and Gee. I remembered Todd and his fellow friend were playing Tony Hawk on PS2 when we were singing loudly. Good times we had.

2. Insults each other in three different language. Aria = Japanese. Jenny=Chines…

Music Much Needed.

When I saw Lil' Jay updated blog, she got this cute music player on the side. I waited the song to loaded. It's 'Why I Like You' by Super Junior. Awww...

When I visited Serena's blog, the first thing I do is to press stop on her music player. It's the bitch/white trash's song. Milly Cyrus' Party In USA.


So, I had to make a music player for moi blog.

Sorry, Sorry, Gee Gee Gee.

Status: OMG. Baju Kotak!!
Song: Tell Me Your Wish by SNSD.

I love Aria to death but she gotta stop obsessing with baju kotak. Seriously. Haha. Ok. Maybe not. Plaid shirts are totally in right now. That's why lots of store are selling it. Hehe.

Today was awesome. After watching the movie, we went to the Arcade. Guess who we saw?? Todd!! I was like, poked him on the shoulder and said,"HI!!!! Todd!!"

We mostly played the basketball game. Todd cheated. He grabbed the balls from Aria's game. She kept scolding him to give back the balls. Haha. Funny. We all teamed up to beat the high score. But failed.


Then, we went to Kenny Rogers. The place where we sang loudly. Actually, it was me who sang loudly at first. I was like,"You'll like this, man. A-yo. Your boy GD is lettin' ya'll know."

Then, Aria sang along. "VI ready to blow. His stage, his show. His moves, his flow. Ain't holding nothing back,…

Marry Me, Bella.

Status: Haha.. Can never forget today.
Song: Strong Baby by Seung-Ri. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack.

Just watched Twilight: New Moon today with Aria. We were making noises every time some cheezy lines are being said. I even coughed loudly when Edward said something along like ,"I'll die if I found out that you don't exist anymore."

Cough. Choke. Cough.

Why are we watching Twilight again? Oh. Right. Ninja Assassin is 18SG. I want Rain!!! Not Edward Cullen.

But, the movie was fun to watch. There's less Edward in it. More Jake.. err whatever his name is. Wait, isn't his name Jacob?

Pssh. I only watch this because it's like The It Movie of The Year.

Anyway, when I see Jacob (Or Jake) half naked which you guys will see throughout the movie, I felt really bad for the guy. How sad.. His fellow cast get to wear designer clothes. The only thing he wears is some lame ass jeans and a really FUGLY wig.

Jacob is such a loser. He didn…

Suatu Hari Di Hari Raya.

Status: A part of me want to celebrate in KL but another part of me want to balik kampung!!!
Song: September 12 by Rain. This song is so sad. :(

When I heard the takbir raya this morning, I felt really sad. This is the first time I'm celebrating Raya in my house. If it were in Malacca, we all would be waking each other up. Pak Long would lecture us on how we, the anak dara shouldn't be waking up this late. He always does that. I miss that.

I miss the part where one of us would say, "Bangun, bangun. Dah raya."

Then, we have to wait in line to get our shower. If you shower too long, someone might bang the door and told you to hurry up. I miss that.

This is my favourite part. We will eat the ketupats and rendang. I miss the rendang.

Then after the solat raya, we would gather together and talk about stuff. Maybe a bit argue here and there involving some politics name calling.

"Pak Lah tak benarkan anda semua mencemar name n…

Na noye Genie ya. PERFUME ya, Genie ya.

Status: Learning Korean, Japanese and Chinese at the same time is very cool.
Song: Tell Me Your Wish by SNSD.


Had a great time with Aria today. We went to The Curve.

After having our lunch in Marche' (which I like to called Merde because I'm not a big fan of the restaurant), we went into Esprit, my favourite place to shop for clothes. We weren't buying anything. We also went into MNG.

Then, we went to find more shops on the directory board (Well, whatever that thing called.). Suddenly, there's this guy and another guy talking in a loud voice while we were looking at the board.

Dude no. 1:"Cam mane audition?"

Dude no. 2:"Tak lepas. Ada awek lawa je."

I had a feeling one of them are walking toward us but I kept reading the board.

Suddenly, the dude no. 2 was beside us. "Hah? Dah jumpe ke belum?"

We gasped. I bet 100 bucks that all of us had the 'What The Hell?! What's Going On?!…

You're Strong Baby

I'm not sure why but everytime I sing Seungri's Strong Baby, I have the urge to laugh really loudly.

I have a sore throat now. Thanks, Seungri baby.

Seung-Ri is da bomb.

Y'all like this man.
A-yo, Your boy, GD letting y'all know. V.I. ready to blow.
His stage, his show.
His moves, his flow.
Ain't nothing holding him back.
Just letting it go, fo'sho..
Show 'em what you got, Bro~!!

Hey sexy.*rolling on the floor laughing*

(Crack . Crack . Crack . Crack .)

Tonight, you know. IMMA STRONG BABY! *LOL at this forever*

(Crack . Crack . Crack . Crack .)

Put on my jacket and then... LET'S MAKE LOVE TONIGHT....

I love Seung-ri. This song is made of awesome. Crack-tastic!The best cure for fever.


2PM's Nichkhun is really cute. Seriously.I think he resembles David Archuleta a bit. Cute to boot.
Cuter than Sungmin. Err... Don't kill me, Jenny.

Dude, I'm The Bomb

Status: Dancing is a part of exercising.
Song: Abracadabra by brown Eyed Girls.

Do you love her?
Do you love her?
Do you love me?
EhMaGawd. EhMaGawd. EhMaGawd.

Raya in KL? For real?

Am I dreaming? Can someone pinch me?!!

I haven't celebrated Raya in KL for ages! Wow.

Gender Equality

Status: What's wrong with gender equality??
Song: Juliette by SHINee.

Leeteuk recently said that it is impossible for gender equality to happened. As a passive feminist, I am shocked and disappointed with Teukie, Teukie.

I think it's a bit sexist to say that we are weaker. But I get it that he was trying to sound macho and as usual he FAILED. He said that girls should always let the guys to pay for their meal. I think this is one of their ways to show how gentlemen and how macho they are. Boys will be boys.

Which reminds me of all guys who offered and paid for my meals. Recently, a friend of mine paid my meal and the movies. It was a bit awkward and yet flattered that he paid all the expenses. I felt I should pay something but then it may hurt the boys' ego. You know how boys is. So, in the end I picked the less expensive food.

"What food do you want to eat? I pay for you."

"Let me belanja you."

"No, I i…
As I was happily eating my McDonald's burger with Aria and Jenny, we were talking about the hotness alert of all the Super Junior's members in Super Show. Then, I saw someone in front. He was wearing a pink baju Melayu.

My first thought was,"Why is there Tok Imam in our house??"

Suddenly, the person pointing at me and said,"Hah.. Nie mesti main facebook!"

I was like,"Whaaat?!"

"Pak Usu?!"

Eff This

Status: Seriously?? 2NE1?? Are you kidding me? SuJu should have won it.
Song: Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

This is so messed up. Super Junior should have won best male group and Album of The Year in Mnet Asia Music Award. I just watched it. It was aired on Channel V.

Gawd, MAMA is so biased. No wonder SM Entertainment boycotted it. Not even a single artist from SM Entertainment won. Yes, that includes Super Junior, Girls' Generation (SNSD), f(x), and SHINee.

Though, Super Junior did won all the 3 popularity awards that was voted by the fans. In your face, MAMA. You can't take the fans' love from Super Junior. *dancing to sorry, sorry happily*

SNSD should have won the Best Dance. Gee was sheer genius. Not KARA's Honey. I don't think they even dance in that song.

Hawnestly, 2PM deserved the Artist of The Year after all the scandal. I mean, the leader just left the group. They really deserved that. By the way, I just lov…

Midvalley Madness.

Status: Reminiscing the old times.
Song: Lollipop by Big Bang and 2NE1. Gahh.. I'm addicted to this song. I can't sleep without this song.

I don't think I will ever go to MidValley without remembering the fun times I had with Aria and Lil' Jay.

I'm not sure what I ate but I was just soo crazy. People were staring at me while I listened to my Zen in a restaurant called Zen. I was dancing to Sorry,Sorry and Gee.

"Would you stop doing that? People are staring,"said Aria.

"They are?" I looked around. "Oh look, budak sekolah!"


"Oh. Wrong person."

Anyway, we went to the pet shop where I thought I saw Dan (SP). Aria and Jenny were ignoring me because they thought I was crazy because of that.

And Dan didn't appeared. So I told them," He only appear when I'm alone."

Later, we went to the music store. It's like a fate, I saw Super Junior M mini album at the…

Shrieking and Screaming Is So Overrated.

Status: *sniff* It's raining. So lonely.
Song: Jump Then Fall by Taylor Swift. I dedicated this song to Teukie. You made me cry last night. Never have I wanted to make someone smile like you, Teukie. I love YOU!

Last night, Jenny, Aria and me just watched Super Junior Asia Tour Concert, Super Show. The second part only.

Gawd, we went from laughing our ass off to crying our hearts out. For a just one part of the Super Show, that's quite an accomplishment.

One of the memorable scenes was Marry U. Teukie was crying when he saw all the fans singing them their song, Marry U. It was so touching. Eunhyuk also was crying. But when we saw tears streaming down Teukie's face, we were all like, "Teukie, don't cry. We love you!" I even shed some tears seeing that scene. I think Leeteuk was just overwhelmed by the fans.

Would you marry me, Leeteuk?!

I love the Y.M.C.A. and Wonder Boy part. It was hilarious. They were wea…

Stay Away From Him.

Status: Wish I could turn back the time.
Song: I Hope FT Island.

Yesterday was sheer awesome. It felt good to be crazy in public. Super Junior crazy, that is. Aria just left to JB. Absolutely effing-ly sad. :(

So, here I am all alone on my own, skipping school. At least, I got you, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, and Yesung. You won't leave me, right?

Aria also love Super Junior. Guess who also crazy about them? Blair!! That's right people. The girl who's a no 1 anti-boys is loving the Super Junior.

The problem is Blair is having a huge hots for Eunhyuk and Heechul (Maybe even Sungmin and Donghae.). I don't really care if she likes Heechul. But Eunhyuk?! No. Impossiblimos! He's like the first guy I managed to recognize in Super Junior. Do you know how hard it is to identify 13 (Make it 15 including Henry and Zhou Mi) members?

But I get it why she loves Heechul and Eunhyuk. Heechul is somewhat crazy and can be a bitch…

You Are So Gorgeous

I just realized something.

Leeteuk's laugh sounds like Elmo's laugh.



*dies of laughter*

I Hope

Status: I see you again and you, you are my love.
Song: I Hope by FT Island.

Standing there, all you do is stare
You got no soul, and you just don't care
About anything but yourself
Did you know other people exist?
Don't wanna hear about your life
Hang out with you?
I'd rather die!
Please stop wasting all my time
Your goddamn yourself hook all out

You don't have to suck dick to succeed

Woke up on two sides of society
To drag me down, you're gonna have to fight me!
I don't wanna shake your dirty hand
I don't wanna live in lala land
Momma said you're a bit naive
Or just a bitch, who forgot to eat!
No real rave and no release
Your life is so fucking empty!

-Model Behaviour by Kate Nash.-

What most people don't know about me is that I may hate you without you knowing it. I acted nice to you even though all I wanna do is just give you the finger. I even smile at you and said, "Hi"but secretly I…

Do it Chu, It's True, It's You!

Status: Just grow up, please.
Song: Chu~ by F(x). Amberism!

I'm not sure how it started but I unconsciously dance to almost all K-Pop.

Though I don't think I could ever do the famous booty dance by KARA.

But don't worry my fellow friends, I have master the Sorry Sorry dance by Super Junior.

And maybe a bit of Ring Ding Dong by SHINee. This song always cracks me up.

I think I could do some moves from Gee and Tell Me Your Wish by Girls' Generation.

Kyuhyun and his weird moves.

Creds to people who make this gif.

Bitch UP!

Status: So going bad.
Song: Love Like This by SS501. I spot ya, Heo Young Saeng. Or was it Kim Hyung Joon??

Amberism totally got me. Yesterday, I just made myself more tomboyish than ever. I'm always a tomboy since I was a kid (You won't spot a skirt in my closet).

I wore a hoodie. I wore a hat the whole day. Which Jenny reluctantly borrowed her hat because I don't have a hat. She laughed sheepishly when I asked her for her hats. She sneakily hid her favourite hat. Too bad I caught her."What are you hiding?!"


I peeked beside her,"I want your white hat."

"Negative. Tomboy don't wear white hat."

"You don't know that."

"Here, you can have the Srixon cap."

She tossed me this black cap.

Psh. Fashionista attitude is ah-nnoying!

Anyway, I was going through Aria's myspace profile, and I found this picture with her wearing a white cap. So tomboyish. I love her…

24/7 My Heaven

Status: Conference is soo tiring.
Song: Mister by KARA. Look over here, Mister.

blair: nape sume diam?
blair: kentot diam2 eh?
blair: tibe2 je diam

nelly: dh korang sume diam aku diam la


nelly: oit korang

blair: ye

me: ye.. ape die?

blair: nape? nak luahkan perasaan cinta
blair: oh sy trime awk jadi gf saye

serena: hahahha
serena: biol

nelly: oit mengong ke?

blair: x de ar

nelly: agak la biol

blair: sy sihat

nelly: so skrng nk ctr psl pe?

me: wehh....

blair: psl~~ tt!
blair: ah jking

me: aku rase nk muntah la

nelly: bush ske tt!

blair: lol

I seriously don't see the reason why we're doing conference. It's pointless.

Nelly Iz Da Best Yo.

Status: Amber?!! Are you sure you're a girl?!
Song: Marry U Super Junior. I do, Teukie!!

Nelly rocks. It's a fact.

Even though she has low self esteem issue, I always thought she has the best comeback line ever. Especially when she's bickering with Charles. She needs to know that she is hawt as we are just in a really different way.

Like Jenny with her clothes that we secretly wanna wear.
Like Serena with her connections with all the boys that we all wanna have.
Like Blair with her smile and attitude that we all wanna be.

Believe it or not, everyone is special in a way.

And you are too, Nelly. So keep on fighting! Because you're awesome, yo.

Died. Alive Again.

Status: Still heartbroken about Amber.
Song: Replay by SHINee.

Two posts in a day. Awesome much?

You're looking at the Miss Awesome. That's lame.

Well, if you really know me well, you may have know that I'm not really close with my lil sis.

So, today. After finding out that Amber is a female, I went downstairs, (heartbroken mind you) to find something that can make me happy.

Suddenly, I heard a scream that sounds like it came from those horror movies. Only one person screamed like that, my lil sis. Hundreds of situation came into my mind. One of them was someone shot my sis. An alien abducted her. Or worst, Ghost spooked her till death.

I called out her name.

No reply.

She dead. Let's go upstairs.

Before I forgot, today is Nelly Yuki's birthday!! Let's go celebrate today!

Oh. Wow. You're A Girl?!

Status: Shit. He's a she?!
Song: Lachata by F(x)

Oh my god. He's a freaking she?! I thought she was a he. Amber is a girl?! I can't believe this.

Amber's look is so boyish. He, I mean She looked like my Donghae (Fishy!!). Well, this sucks. I almost had a crush on Amber. Should have known Amber is a girl. Even her name is Amber.

Well, maybe I could have a lesbian crush on him, I mean her. Damn.. I really started to like this person. I'm pretty sure lots of girl totally has a crush on her. I think they are called Amberism.

Ahhh.. This really break my heart. Really. Why do you have to be a girl?!

What Did You Just Say?!

Status: Triple Bitch is going down.
Song: Replay by SHINee.

She bloody copied me. Now I know how Serena feel when she read my blog.

PL(Yaguchi Mari):Yaguchi is the most annoying morning musume,so do this girl! she's the most annoying and suke-terlepas-cakap girl,she didnt care what she was talking about,makes people feel bad nor feel good.she's the most ah-noying girl among us(us? who is us? just keep reading!)she's kinda clever in plotting revenge and planning a dirty tricks,she has her bitchiness aura,you'll be annoyed if you're talking to her! but her bitchiness that makes her special,thats why this girl is called YAGUCHI MARI!

Who the hell is Yaguchi?? And since when I annoyed her?? I thought she annoyed me.

Well, at least she said I am special. I know. I am.

And she copied my famous 'oo-err'. Hmph. I knew I should put up some copyright sign on it.

Blair, the Bitch is soo going down. Hahaha.. Not really. …

Hey Hey You You

Status: I'm sensitive to bright lights. Imma vampire!! Moar blood yo.
Song: Love Like This by SS501.

To Serena,

No. I'm not scared by your threat. I was just reminiscing the time when you and Charles tricked me into thinking I'm flirting with your fake boyfriend.

I'm not regretting what I did. I'm not even sure what I just did. Aku takkan menyesal. Muahaha.. *evil laugh*

Okay.. that was weird. Soo..

I love Taylor Swift's new song, Jump Then Fall. It reminds me of Angel Teuk, Teukie Teukie, Teuk. I realize your laugh is the best sound I have ever heard
I like the way I can’t keep my focus
I watch you talk, you didn’t notice
I hear the words but all I can think is we should be together
Every time you smile, I smile
And every time you shine, I’ll shine for you

This song just describes Teukie perfectly. I feel like laughing if he's laughing. I feel like smiling if he's smiling.He has the best laugh ever. I still …

Charmed And Dangerous

Status: EhMaGawd. Pretty Committee.
Song: Jump Then Fall by Taylor Swift.

I'm not sure why I love The Clique series. Probably because Massie Block rocks. She hawnestly an inspiring character. She's like the villain that always win in the end. It's always about her. She's so mean that I actually root for her.

Anyway, Serena is mad at me. Psh. Just because she found my post before offending. It's not supposed to. I was just inspired to write in Malay. Salah ke?

Not only that, she went anti on me in her blog. Quoting from her blog, 'and bile aku bukak,,rpenye2 dye kutuk aku dlm blog dye...siot betol..'

And she said I am dead meat. Crap.

Last time she gets her revenge, it involves me falling for her scheme with Charles' help. I mean they totally set me up. They disguised themselves as Serena's unfaithful boyfriend flirting with me. The reason she set me up is because I lied to her that I met this Indonesia…

Cerita Aku

Status: Be a Malay lah!
Song: Umm... A malay song. ... Who am I kidding.. Find A Way by Safetysuit.

Hello. Gile ar pelik tulis dalam BM. Ohoho.


ohoho. Tengah membuang mase nie. Kanak-kanak, jangan jadikan ini sebagai contoh. Hurm.. Asal ek kalau tulis dalam BM macam takde topik je nak cakap. Ogeyh, hoho, PL tau, meh cakap pasal Bushnye (Blair) perangai yang teruk tu. Adeke pegi stalk TT (Charles)? Takde kerja nk pegi stalk lelaki. Hoho, mungkin die suke TT kot. Senyap-senyap suke rupanyer.. Gede-bush tul budak nie. Cam kanak-kanak ribena.

This is stupid. I'm writing this because I am inspired by Serena's blog.