Spotted: A Wild Brunch

Aria has been known for her 'take-a-risk' attitude.
And I have been known for doing experiment on food.
Jenny, she's been known for a slow brainer. (no offense, J)

It was in the afternoon and I was hungry.
I went to the kitchen and cooked myself a plate of fried eggs. As I sat down at the dining table, I realized that I've forgotten the bread. I sighed as I pushed the chair back and dragged my feet back to the kitchen. I grabbed the bread and went back to the dining room.

As I was about to sit down, I saw from the corner of my eye: mushroom growing on one of the bread. Ew. Pushed the bread away and sighed again. What would I do with the fried eggs? No way I'm going to eat that without anything.

An idea sprung up in my mind. Since I love pasta, why don't I eat it with eggs. I always combine everything with pasta ; from butter to mushroom soup. This is something everybody does, I hope.

Few minutes later, Aria came in. She saw me cooking pasta (Mental Note: Never ever let Aria sees you in kitchen) She jumped to my side and said in her suggestive tone (which no one could ever say no to) "Why don't we cook bolognese?"

"You, Little J, and me,of course"
"My instinct told me not to trust you when it involves kitchen" I said with image of my house getting burned down and me to be blamed appeared in my head.
"Screw the instinct, "she snorted "I always help my mom in the kitchen so I knew how to cook this pasta"

Well, what the hell, life is all about taking risk.Right,Aria helping her mother in the kitchen. Since when girls like us does that??

I sighed,"All right,I'll trust you on this one" as I went to call Jenny to help us cook.


Mistake No 1: Tusting Aria that she can handle everything.

"Trust me" I think was her favourite word of the day. She poured too much water in the sauce and mix the uncooked pasta with the half-cooked pasta. How could I possibly trust her??

Mistake No 2: Thinking Little Jenny knew at least something about cooking pasta.

She didn't even know how to put the spaghetti in the pot. Enough said.

Mistake No 3: Allowing A near the salt and a butcher knife.

If she wasn't my friend, I would definitely called the police back then. Seeing her chopping the meat into tiny little piecces was like seeing her chopping people into tiny pieces. From the look on her face, she seemed to enjoy the job.
And I think she has an obsession with salts besides butter. She kept putting salt in the sauce when she thinks I wasn't looking. Something's wrong with that girl.


I took a bite of our creation.
I swallowed the food and smiled sweetly at Aria, "I'm not eating that and BTW, this is your fault"
Eating that was like eating pasta with sea water.
"Am not"
"Well, I for one did not do anything"
"You think so?" she glared,"You're the one who cooked the sauce"
"Well, I didn't put the water"I reply back.

At that moment, Jenny was being dramatic (like always) after she took the first bite. She literally choked with her hand on her throat.Nice acting, Little J.

And Aria took it as a real choke. So, she quickly followed what she had seen on tv.She pressed Jenny's stomach from behind.

I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. The look on Jenny's face was priceless.

"Stop it!" she shrieked and ran to the nearest sink.
She came back with a glass of water and screamed at Aria, "What the hell was that?!"
"I was trying to save you from choking to death!" Aria replied defensively.


In conclusion, we made a pledge not to tell this to anyone (yeah right)
We threw out the leftover. We cleaned up the whole kitchen and destroyed all the evidence that we cooked the pasta. CSI did came in handy.

Anyway, like a wiseman told me,"If you failed, destroy the evidence that you've tried."