Explaining Character.

Serena Van Da Nicest is like any average girl next door. She's every guy's dream. Every girl wants to be her. It's no surprise if she is The Queen. However, do not be fooled by her reputation and exterior. There is more to her than that, just waiting to be unleashed.

Blair Wald-will Get Everything definitely will get everything she wants. She will do anything to get that certain something and she falls in love too often. Well, I wouldn't call it in love but crush. She doesn't dwells on the past and I think she's a strong girl. She does make S squirming in her seat with her bitchiness. She's great at plotting revenge. Google revenge, she'll be your number one on the result. But of course no one can beat at getting revenge like me.

Nelly The Clumsy technically the peacemaker in our group. We can't have too many troublemakers in our group,can't we? And in this kind of clique, it's going to be hard for her to stay in. Afterall, her clumsiness and logic mind is a bit of a turn off. But personally, she's going to be fine if she keep those relationship of her and Queen S close.

Of course,how can we forgot Little J. Our wannabe. Jenny The Wannabe do wants to be someone although she usually denies it everytime. She's the fashionista. She could be the next IT in the fashion world. She's our logic and morale leader along with Nelly. But I think that's her mask of hiding her plan of takingover the social scene. Queen S better be ready.

Me? I'm just the girl who watches this group rule the world. Being the Rebel does have its advantages.Why let Queen S rule the world alone when you can mess the world up and watch her clean the mess up.

Being Queen S in this kind clique is very tiring. She has a lot of frenemies to deal with. If she falls down, she won't be the Queen in a blink of an eye. Because like I always say, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'

This clique is definitely on your must watch list. With The Queen, The Fashion Diva, The Peacemaker, The Bitch and of course me, The Rebel. Weather its the 'oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-it' drama or just plain drama.You can count on me to give the deets on it.