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Spotted: A Wild Brunch

Aria has been known for her 'take-a-risk' attitude.
And I have been known for doing experiment on food.
Jenny, she's been known for a slow brainer. (no offense, J)

It was in the afternoon and I was hungry.
I went to the kitchen and cooked myself a plate of fried eggs. As I sat down at the dining table, I realized that I've forgotten the bread. I sighed as I pushed the chair back and dragged my feet back to the kitchen. I grabbed the bread and went back to the dining room.

As I was about to sit down, I saw from the corner of my eye: mushroom growing on one of the bread. Ew. Pushed the bread away and sighed again. What would I do with the fried eggs? No way I'm going to eat that without anything.

An idea sprung up in my mind. Since I love pasta, why don't I eat it with eggs. I always combine everything with pasta ; from butter to mushroom soup. This is something everybody does, I hope.

Few minutes later, Aria came in. She saw me cooking pasta (Mental Note: Never ever l…

The Other Side Of The World.

Being with Queen S and her crew is only half of it.

On the other side of the world, there lived a girl with her 3 other siblings.
Her name was Aria. Aria is pretty much identical to B. But Aria rule her social scene. Which I don't think Blair will ever gets as long as Queen S lives.

Speaking of Aria, reminds me of Todd our Prankster. Todd is my closest guy friend. Todd loves manipulating and tricking people minds. He was known for that. The guy has talent for that. His looks has the potential to be the next Tobey McGuire. And with that look, he could have any girl he wants. That's what he said, this guy has a huge ego. Aren't every guy??

No offense.


I don't think I have one of those sweet memories of me being a child. My childhood sucks. I still remember though my kindagarten days. Me sitting on those cold floor, staring off to space. Actually, that was just the act I put up so the teacher would send me home thinking I looked sick.

Ahh..those were the days.

My closest friend was Charles. *gasp*
Serena was a total bitch. Scratch that,she's a tomboy. She wears shorts and friends with boys only.
Nelly was opposite of her. They were like cats and dogs. Always talking behind each other back. I was on both sides. Supporting every word they talk about each other. I'm still the same,aren't I?

But, that was past. Both of them are the closest friends. And Serena changed the most from a tomboy to the IT girl.

Explaining Character.

Serena Van Da Nicest is like any average girl next door. She's every guy's dream. Every girl wants to be her. It's no surprise if she is The Queen. However, do not be fooled by her reputation and exterior. There is more to her than that, just waiting to be unleashed.
Blair Wald-will Get Everything definitely will get everything she wants. She will do anything to get that certain something and she falls in love too often. Well, I wouldn't call it in love but crush. She doesn't dwells on the past and I think she's a strong girl. She does make S squirming in her seat with her bitchiness. She's great at plotting revenge. Google revenge, she'll be your number one on the result. But of course no one can beat at getting revenge like me.
Nelly The Clumsy technically the peacemaker in our group. We can't have too many troublemakers in our group,can't we? And in this kind of clique, it's going to be hard for her to stay in. Afterall, her clumsiness and …

Explaining The Characters In This Life.

I won't give out their name. Instead, I used names I made up along the story.Anyway, I change the names regularly to avoid them getting known.Today names based on Gossip Girl :

Serena Van Der Nicest aka SVDN - used to be known as Ms Angel. Will explain the character in the next post.Nelly The Clumsy - used to be known as Ms MLS.Jenny The Wannabe - used to be known as GW.Dan The Outsider - used to be known as SP.Blair Wald-Will Get Everything - used to be known as Ms Brat.Charles Van DerBass Womanizer - used to be known as G - guy.Nathanial The Golden Boy - useed to be known as UG.Actually,there's more but thinking up for the ideas for 7 people is very tiring.

Disclaimer and Warning..

I don't own anyone in this blog. I wish I could but wouldn't that would be too unreal?
And you should have know by now that there is some topics which are very sensitive to other.
So,I think you got the message that this blog may offend some people.

Prologue of a life.

I have made a huge controversial throughout the class when I was 13 because I wanted attention.After all, high school is all about taking risk. Be a better person. Be a stronger person. Be a meaner person. Take a risk. My mind said. So here I am taking a risk.